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Club Leadership

The Chief Executives Club of Rhode Island is currently building a new leadership team and plans to relaunch membership operations in October 2021.

Robert E. Fiske – Founder

Robert led the launch of the Chief Executives Club of Rhode Island in September 2006 with Governor Carciri and over seventy five chief execuitves of Rhode Employers in attendance.

Robert’s passion is to make the world a better place by helping chief executives continually increase their leadership potential and achieve the results and legacy they desire, because better leadership means better workplaces with happier, healthier and more engage employees, customers, and vendors, which ultimately has a significant positive impact on everyone living in the communities in which the business operates.

Robert offers the following services to chief executives:
• Curating, convening & facilitating CEO Advisory Boards;
• L˛ Coaching Services — CEO Leadership & Life Mastery Coaching;
• Confidant & Coaching Services for CEOs dealing with a personal crisis.

Robert's professional experience includes:
• Over 14 years’ experience creating and leading highly-valued CEO meetings & events, and executive leadership development & decisions support services to chief executives of small, midmarket, large, and Fortune 500 enterprises that are privately-held, public, family-owned, and nonprofit.
• Founder and leader of the Chief Executives Guild (originally the Chief Executives Club of RI)
• Creator of the L˛ CEO Coaching methodology and the coach training & certification process
• Managing Partner of the C&F Brand Communications Agency
• Fortune 500 Executive – Head of HP's global C-Suite Executive Engagement initiatives
• Creator and Managing Director of the 1995 and 2000 World Business Leader Forums
• Founder & CEO of DataSolutions International, Inc.

Chief executives praise Robert for understanding what CEO need, providing exceptional value, and consistently exceeding expectations.  challenges./font>

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