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OCT-28, 2021
7:30-9:50 am


How to Turn the
Next Major
Business Threat
into a
Strategic Advantage




The Chief Executives Club

The Chief Executives Club of Rhode Island was founded in 2006 as one of the nation's premier CEO forums for the exchange of ideas on strategic business leadership issues.

The Chief Executives Club of Rhode Island mission is to bring chief executives in the region together to gain new ideas, share their experiences with the goal of accelorating profitable business growth, increaing jobs, and strengthening the stateís economy during economically challenging times and beyond.

The Chief Executives Club as hosted intimate and confidential breakfast meetings where national and internationally acclaimed and pblished business thought leaders discuss their learnings and ideas on critically important leadership topics and then engage with Club members in candid, focused peer round-table discussions about the related strategic leadership challenges RI CEOs are currently facing.

"This is the only organization that I belong to whose sole purpose is to focus on the issues that concern me. No solicitations or expectations. Just great speakers, great conversations with my peers, and break-though ideas that I can use."

—CEO of a major Rhode Island employer

The Chief Executives Chief Executives Club of Rhode Island
is being redesigned and will re-launch operations in the fall of 2021


Where chief executives of medium & large corporations can safely discuss challenges and concerns with peers in total confidence—always 100% "off-the-record".


Where chief executives build valuable & trusted relationships with peers who share knowledge, ideas, and unbiased advice when desired.


Internationally acclaimed business thought leaders & CEOs offer the outside perspectives, actionable ideas, and innovative tactics that CEOs need to continually improve business performance.

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