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OCT-28, 2021
7:30-9:50 am


How to Turn the
Next Major
Business Threat
into a
Strategic Advantage





Our Speakers & National Thought Leaders Include:




Allen Adamson

BrandDigital: Simple Ways Top Brands Succeed in the Digital World

BrandSimple: the Best Brands Keep it Simple and Succeed

Erika Andersen

Growing Great Employees: Turning Ordinary People into Extraordinary Performers

Being Strategic: Plan for Success; Out-think Your Competitors; Stay Ahead of Change

Josh Bernoff

Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies

Bo Burlingham

Small Giants: Companies that Choose to Be Great Instead of Big

Nicholas Carr

The Big Switch: Big Switch: Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google

Jim Champy

Reengineering the Corporation & Outsmart! Inspire! Deliver!

Greg Link

The Speed of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything by Stephen Covey

Alan Deutschman

Change or Die: The Three Keys to Change at Work and in Life

Robert Dilenschneider

The AMA Handbook of Public Relations

Power and Influence: The Rules Have Changed

Scott Eblin

The Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success

Chester Elton

The Carrot Principle: How the Best Managers Us Recognition to Engage Their People, Retain Talent, and Accelerate Performance

Jac Fitz-Enz

The New HR Analytics: Predicting the Economic Value of Your Company's Human Capital Investment

Eric Garland

Future Inc: How Businesses Can Anticipate and Profit from What’s Next

Peter Gloor

CoolHunting: Chasing Down The Next Big Thing

Mark Goulston

Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone

J. Barry Griswell

The Adversity Paradox: An Unconventional Guide to Achieving Uncommon Business Success:

Saj-nicole Joni

The Third Opinion: How Successful Leaders Use Outside Insight to Create Superior Results

Omar Kahn

Liberating Passion: How The World’s Best Global Leaders Produce Winning Results

Matthew Kiernan

Investing in a Sustainable World: Why Green is the New Color of Money on Wall Street

Joseph Koletar

Rethinking Risk: How Great Companies Sabotage Themselves and What They Must Do Differently

Chuck Martin

Smarts: Are We Hardwired for Success?

Ryan Mathews

What's Your Story? Storytelling to Move Markets, Audiences, People, and Brands

Justin Menkes

Executive Intelligence: What All Great Leaders Have

Eli Mina

101 Boardroom Problems and How to Solve Them

Mario Moussa

The Art of Woo: Using Strategic Persuasion to Sell Your Ideas

Susan Page

The Power of Business Process Improvement: 10 Simple Steps to Increase Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Adaptability

Dennis Perkins

Leading at the Edge: Leadership Lessons from the Extraordinary Saga of Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition

Michael Roberto

Great Leaders Don't Take Yes for an Answer: Managing for Conflict and Consensus

Know What You Don't Know: How Great Leaders Prevent Problems Before They Happen

William Rothwell

Effective Succession Planning: Ensuring Leadership Continuity and Building Talent from Within

Jag Sheth

Self-Destructive Habits of Good Companies ...And How to Break Them

Anthony Smith

The Taboos of Leadership: 10 Secrets No One Will Tell You About Leaders and What They Really Think

Mel Stark

The Manager’s Guide To Rewards: What You Need To Know To Get The Best For– And From– Your Employees

Kathleen Taylor

How to Succeed in Business Using LinkedIn: Making Connections and Capturing Opportunities on the World's #1 Business Networking Site

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